Ocean Vibes - How To Create A Calming Home or Office Space

Ocean Vibes - How To Create A Calming Home or Office Space

16th May 2022

Nothing compares to the beauty, calm, focus, and solitude of water. It fills your senses to the exclusion of everything else. There’s blissful freedom from blaring phones, flashing screens, fighting kids, snarling traffic, and pinging inboxes when you're in the water.

Whether in-store or online, many of our customers are either just back from, about to head out to, or dreaming about being at the beach. That’s why we’ve devoted so much energy to finding products that help cushion the jarring return to the real world.

Here is a selection of products that can help you bring a little touch of that equilibrium into the home or office environment.

The Scent of Serenity

The human sense of smell is embarrassingly poor compared to virtually every other being with whom we share the planet. Perhaps that is why we underrate it in comparison to our other senses. It turns out that we’re doing ourselves a disservice, as the smells around us connect directly to the limbic region of our brains, which plays a huge role in controlling our memories and emotions.

Our elegant, sometimes eclectic, always delectable range of scented products is diverse enough to keep you riding the internal waves long after you’re back on dry land. Whether you’re blanketing the air with calming scents from a minimalistic ultrasonic diffuser or gently infusing your space, or anointing yourself with your favourite variety of luxurious essential oils, you’ll find the perfect way to create a better balance.

If you’re looking for something more earthy and elemental, an original scented volcanic rock set with an intoxicating blend of fragrances that vividly evokes the Australian shoreline may be more your speed. The rugged yet elegant look of the cooled lava makes a surprisingly zen-like visual counterpoint to the relaxing fragrance.

Whichever aroma you vibe with, and however you like to deliver it, you’ll find the right combination at Jakk & Co.

Light Your Candle

There is something so utterly calming about a solitary flame's warm, gentle flicker. Candles have been used for millennia in spiritual and religious ceremonies to invoke the essence of something greater than and beyond ourselves. It should come as no surprise that some strategically placed candles can help to create a calming mood in your living or work area.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more extensive selection of candles and related accessories than we boast at Jakk & Co. You can choose the perfect shape, colour and texture to match your mood and complement your decor.

Sticking with the fragrance theme: many of our candles are scented, offering another sensory dimension to the experience. Those longing to be back in the surf might favour a stunning sea salt scented candle to recreate the beach vibe. In contrast, others might prefer an invigorating floral aroma or something warm and comforting, such as marshmallow or vanilla.

If candles represent a regular fixture in your home or office, you can take things to the next level by including some beautiful candle holders in your roomscape. From rustic hand-carved wood to minimalist modern brass designs, there are numerous options that will enhance your experience.

Bad Energy, Begone!

Sometimes the negative energy succeeds in infiltrating and overrunning our space. When that happens, it may be time to exorcise it with an ancient practice of smudging, which Native American tradition holds can rid every corner of a home of harmful vibes.

This involves burning a “smudge stick” - a bunch of tightly bound herbs (typically white sage), which people light to produce a gentle flow of smoke, similar to incense. The smudge is then waved along the perimeters of your walls, ceilings and doorways, leaving a beautiful scent around you.

We’re proud to carry the magnificent line of From Earth Smudge Sticks, which combine the traditional sage element, hand-bound with a selection of locally-grown floral accompaniments and stunning crystals for a complete energy cleansing experience. If you’re one of many that think these look simply too good to burn, they make a gloriously colourful, natural addition to your decor.

Wash Your Cares Away

Sometimes, I think my grandmother may have been right: When all else fails, a nice hot bath can fix almost any problem. Close your eyes and sink beneath the warm, comforting water, and it can seem like all the accumulated tension, stress, and worry simply melt away.

Add some bath enhancements, and you can take this to the next level. Throw in some bath salts, blend in a herbal infusion or drop a bath bomb for an enveloping physical sensation that will leave you feeling calm and pampered.

If and when you’re able to drag yourself out, complete the mood with your favourite hand and body lotion and whatever it was that was stressing you out will feel like a distant memory.

If only we could block out the world and spend our days doing whatever we love best in or around the ocean. Unfortunately, for the majority of us, that’s not possible. Hopefully, some of these suggestions will help you bring the surf’s peace, calm and natural connection back with you into your everyday life.

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