Back To Nature..From Earth

Back To Nature..From Earth

Published by Jakk and Co on 7th Dec 2020

When her eldest daughter Josephine suffered a severe eczema outbreak - Charlotte Rasmussen took matters into her own hands, investigating natural remedies.

Her first product, the now famous healing hemp oil, infused with herbs, roots and other botanicals, was an instant hit with mothers’ groups and in markets across Victoria.

Creating the product that had an immediate effect on her child’s skin condition, ignited memories of concocting potions in her childhood cubby house from plants she’d source with her grandparents while roaming the hills behind their Scandinavian home.

“I used to trail behind my grandparents collecting berries, roots, flowers and dried leaves with them and asking questions about what each thing was used for.”

The hemp oil was soon followed by handmade soap and bath bombs, created at home with the help of her three children, before transitioning into the flourishing Torquay boutique, café and florist called From Earth, that now exists – just a few short years later.

Jakk & Co. co-founder Kim Carmalt spotted something special in Charlotte’s creations when they met, and encouraged the addition of healing crystals and dried flowers in her hand-poured, soy wax candle bowls.

“Kim and I had a real bond when we met. She came into the shop and said, “I’m looking for something with crystals and flowers”. I said, ‘no problem, we can do that’. It’s nice to listen to her ideas and to figure out how I can help her make those ideas come through,” said Charlotte.

Joining Jakk & Co. as a preferred supplier, From Earth also offers stunning smudge sticks – a Native American tradition of using twined bundles of herbs – although the works of art have become best-sellers as decorative items rather for cleansing a place of unwanted energy.

“Charlotte’s products are simply so beautiful and the infused natural essential oils smell divine. Each one of her products is unique and tells a story,” said Kim.

With a focus on natural, organic and local products that avoid paraben wax and palm oil use, the comforting candle bowls and stunning smudge sticks are just the start of the collaboration.

“I guess looking back, it never really left me, my natural fascination with skin care and using natural products to make it. Having children just renewed my interest in plants as natural remedies,” says Charlotte. And Australia has so many natural remedies for conditions, it seems a crime not to use them.”

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