About Us

What’s in a name?

Quite a lot it turns out.

We’re starting something new here.

Something quality. Something local.

Our name has to represent who we are.

We’re JAKK & CO

JAKK of all trades.

Bespoke, individual, eclectic homewares from a range of independent artisans

and creators.

JAKK in the box.

Unexpected. Surprising. Items you won’t see in other shops.

JAKK. The initials of my family.

Close. Cosy. Making being at home better.

And what about the CO of JAKK & CO?

It could be perfect CO-ordination. We do that.

It could be CO-operation, working with you to find that perfect item for home or


But our CO is for company.

(we’re really hoping that’s you)

CO is for the company we keep.

Small, independent, local artists and creators.

Australian craftspeople who are at the top of their game, but choose to think

small and intimate rather than big scale and everywhere.

People starting out.

Established artisans whose work we’ve long admired.

Undiscovered talent, creative minds.

All looking to share what they do with people who will appreciate their work.

We’ve been in Torquay for over a decade.

We want what you want.

Beautiful things. With stories. And heart.

We’re not fast consumers who buy for just this minute. We form relationships.

We’re timeless. We’re lasting.

We’re JAKK & CO